Channel Nine invests in major telex talkback upgrades with Magna

10 March, 2011 by IF

Press Release from Well Above

Magna Systems and Engineering today gave details of the two significant RTS Telex purchases and installations by the Nine Network for its GTV-9 Melbourne studio relocation and Sydney-based National Playout Centre build.


Magna Systems Product Specialist Lucas Bohm said, “Channel Nine had two major projects that required extensive talkback capabilities. The first was for their relocation of GTV-9 in Melbourne.

"We had a comprehensive set of discussions with Jason Pendleton, Engineering Manager of GTV-9, as to which RTS Telex talkback products would best suit the broadcaster’s requirements in their new building after which Jason presented us with a full system design and we sent information on the latest Telex products and their functionality.”

For the GTV-9 relocation the system was based around some of RTS Telex’s latest products including a 132×132 ADAM matrix, KP32 panels, TIF 2000A Telephone Hybrid interfaces, 16-channel VOIP card kits, PAP32 panels and LCP 102 Level Control Panels.

Bohm added, “We have a long and well established relationship with the Nine Network so this deal, like many others, was very straightforward. Despite its considerable size, the system design and delivery requirements were all met without issue.

"This included having to provide kit and cabling that would work over two levels connected by cutting through high ceilings. The system was designed to be very flexible removing the need for specific cards to perform most job functions.”

The second major Nine Network installation was the new build of their Sydney-based flagship National Playout Centre. Again based around a Telex 132×132 ADAM matrix the National Playout Centre system also includes KP12 panels, KP32 panels, PAP32 panels, RVON-16 16 channel VOIP card kits and TIF 2000A Telephone Hybrid interfaces.

Lucas Bohm explained, “This system was very similar in size, design and functionality requirement to the GTV-9 relocation with one major difference. The National Playout Centre is now the major playout hub for the Nine Network and thus the RVON (Request to Send Voice Over Network) connectivity over IP was critical in its role within the overall design.

"Nine have now implemented RVON nationally via IP so all their facilities can communicate easily and directly. The National Playout Centre receives information and communications from all the Nine broadcast locations across the country and distributes it accordingly. It’s a very clever and efficient system.”

Jason Pendleton said, “As Engineering Manager of GTV-9 in Melbourne I had the pleasure of working with Lucas Bohm at Magna Systems to design and purchase communications systems for both Nine Network’s Melbourne relocation and Network Playout Centre projects. Nine have a long history with RTS Telex dating back to early Nine outside broadcast trucks where we started off using the CS9500 frames and KP95 key panels which in those days was considered cutting edge, fitting into a 50-port matrix.

"With the ADAM frame purchased for Melbourne I find us populating 160 ports and 128 at the Playout Centre and still looking to take advantage of the RTS high density ADAM frames that allow up to 272 ports in a single system. In my opinion RTS Telex continue to be the leader in large format communications matrices and will serve the Nine Network well into the future under the support of the team at Magna Systems.

"Now that all of our sites are RTS Telex we can look to centralising from our Network Playout Centre in Sydney and taking advantage of the intelligent trunking systems using VOIP connectivity. Our outside broadcast partner Global TV also offer us an RTS Telex solution and via RVON systems over Telstra’s BDSL Network, connect Nine Sports and Entertainment’s contribution to the Playout Centre.”