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Are you looking for an extreme challenge? One that involves restraining 1,000 kgs of pure, meat-eating muscle? The producers of a new documentary series CROC COLLEGE on ABC1 are looking for men and women to take on the most nail-biting training course this country has to offer – the management of the world’s largest living reptile – the saltwater crocodile.

CROC COLLEGE, a 6 x 30-minute factual series follows the men and women selected for a five-week course learning how to manage saltwater crocodile. Led by Queensland croc legend John Lever, the six successful applicants will gain enough practical experience to secure their own jobs in the crocodile industry. They will learn how to restrain large crocodiles; how to safely raid nests and remove eggs; how to treat sick and injured crocodiles and how to interpret crocodile behaviour.

Some students will also help John in a world first conservation initiative being run by the University of Queensland. The project aims to collect and store sperm from wild male crocodiles caught in the Northern Territory in the hope of artificially inseminating female crocodiles on John’s Queensland farm.

The producers are looking for six applicants to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime series, people can come from all walks of life but do need to be interested in a new challenge. They may want a career change, be searching for a new lease of life or simply wanting to step out of their comfort zone and prove to themselves that they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.

Jennifer Collins, ABC TV’s Head of Factual said: “I can’t think of a better way for people to learn not only about crocodiles but themselves. Once you’ve tackled a fully grown salty – I can imagine you’d be ready to tackle anything that comes your way. CROC COLLEGE promises to be both adrenalin charged and uniquely educational.

Colin Thrupp, Creative Director of the South Australian Production company Travelling Tale Productions said: “This is a real course with real dangers and real opportunities. People who have trained with John have gone on to achieve some incredible things in the crocodile industry. In fact, one of his students is currently overseas managing one of the biggest crocodile farms in the world!”

Richard Harris, CEO of SAFC said: “We’re delighted that South Australian production company Travelling Tale Productions has won this exciting commission from the joint SAFC/ABC FACTory initiative, showcasing once again the creative breadth and talent this state has to offer. Not only will the show provide enhanced opportunities for SA crew, but will also show an unusual side of Australian life to the world.”

Interested applicants should visit: to apply.

Please note applications close at 5pm on Friday (Sydney/Eastern Standard Time), 2 December 2011, so make sure that you get your application in before then!

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