In a move designed to provide the industry with a creative, experienced, cost-efficient ‘one-stop-shop’ TV post production unit, Cutting Edge has appointed and combined the respected team of Jo Tankard (Producer), John Unwin (Online/Offline Editor) and Simon Hicks (Sound).

Together Jo, John and Simon bring a high level of experience, creativity and passion to Cutting Edge’s newly formed Television Unit – the TVU.

Jo has worked solidly in longform for several years, post-producing numerous Australian television drama series and docos, including visual effects co-ordination on The Great Gatsby. Jo is a team player and whose experience is invaluable to finding good solutions to every challenge.

John and Simon also bring many years experience to the table, including their 6 year partnership as the core creative team at Cornerpost where they were jointly responsible for delivering hundreds of hours of television and digital content.

Respected individually for their skills and experience, the TVU takes an innovative and flexible approach to solving a broad range of challenges.

According to Jo Tankard, the team’s key purpose is to achieve high end results on realistic budgets.

“With John and Simon’s experience, the quality our clients can expect goes without saying,” said Jo. “The difference for us is our desire to provide good, honest client service. This is a new set up here, so we have the opportunity to make the TVU what we want it to be. And for us, that’s having a place our clients can call home, in a comfortable and relaxed environment, and who’ll come away having had a really enjoyable experience with us, even when the pressure’s on. That’s what we want.”

Jo continued: “At Cutting Edge, we pride ourselves on our flexibility in offering creative solutions and options where we can. We’re all here to help, happy to give advice on process, cost options, technical workflows, especially during early project development. Thereafter, clients can be assured their project is in good hands, and their experience with us one they’ll want to come back to,” she said. 

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