Cutting Edge has today revealed the opening of a new facility in the post production precinct of South Melbourne, adding to its existing operations in Sydney and Brisbane. 

The move is in direct response to increasing client demand, and promises to provide an innovative and client focussed option to the local market, catering to post production services and workflow solutions.

Michael Burton, Cutting Edge CEO, said that the Melbourne production scene was robust and that he had fielded ongoing requests for the company to open its doors in Victoria.

“We’ve put together a new team, led by Executive Producer John Fleming, to answer the call,” said Burton.

“Yes, we’re new to Melbourne, and we plan to respect that. However, with our 21year history, we’re well credentialed and we’ve been servicing clients here via our other offices for some time.

We’ll also be linked with our Sydney and Brisbane facilities, and that means we can offer the capacity to service any project.”

According to John Fleming, clients will be delighted by Cutting Edge’s ability to deliver, and their focus on innovation.

“It will be great to bring this to the Melbourne market; we share a similar passion for invention and problem solving”, said Fleming. “I’ve been involved in the industry for a long time and I love working with clients and seeing projects through.”

Said Fleming, “Cutting Edge continues to successfully navigate the considerable market shifts of recent years by being flexible and developing individual solutions for their clients with a focus on creativity. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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