Press release from Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge announces their winning of the coveted Creative Hotshop Award.

Frozen fields and fluffy snow drifts, burning skate boarders, skanky tongues falling through weird space portals, baths of ice and penetrating dark fronts of night across remote landscapes, trippy child imaginations and first person gaming shooters.

A good win indeed.

Cutting Edge’s Brisbane and Sydney teams have been moving a vast pile of pixels since our last Hotshop runner up announcement in 2010.

A heightened creative approach to our talent pools in both cities has seen a massive tilt toward smart artistic output from both 2D and 3D departments and the last year has seen a consistent shift in emphasis away from mere providers. This conceptual shift in how the new Cutting Edge perceives itself has provided vast gains in the arena of creative content.

Some of Australia’s top directors have approached Cutting Edge with some visually stunning projects that have been noticed across the broader industry and there seems to be a definite vibe both internal and external about the new creative atmosphere.

This years’ Hotshop win is a real step up for the company’s new creative approach and will be celebrated as a massive change in scope across all fronts. The submission turned heads and resulted in some impressive comments from the judge’s panel.

One judge said, “the company’s consistency blows everyone else out of the water,” while another pointed to Cutting Edge’s forte for successful risk taking. “Cutting Edge’s creative and technical risk taking and innovation was what got them the gong and broke them away from the pack.”© (Australian Creative April ed, p.19)

Work from VFX Supervisor Colin Renshaw led the charge with his no holds barred ‘fck it, lets do it’ attitude which has put the company square on against main stream approaches. The completion of high profile projects such as Coke Burn and Tooheys Extra Dry with Director Gath Davies (Exit Films), Steinlager for Christopher Riggert (ex @Radical) who now directs at Finch, Strongbow for Mark Moloy (Exit Films) and other challenging projects for Sega/Platinum games out of Japan clearly places Cutting Edge out in front. The extended talent pool of design headed up by Creative Director Brent Grayburn will be further pushing Cutting Edge’s artistic expansion this year. It’s promising to be an arty year indeed!

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