At DTFX we create quality physical & mechanical Special Effects for every type of production.

Our services start with planning and pre-production and go right through to the shoot and post.   We can help you plan your job – from storyboarding, shot planning, pre-production and scheduling – to create a smooth running, successful shoot.

We have over 30 years’ experience on every type of Production from Hollywood blockbusters to the smallest stills jobs.

We’ve done every type of gag you can think of – explosions, fires, snow, rain, wind, atmos, and we custom build rigs and gizmos.

We’re fast, efficient and cost-effective.

These days we prefer to specialise in small and medium Feature Films, long form, series and one-off Television and Streaming, and Advertising and Events.  These are the types of Productions where we can make the biggest difference with our flexibility and experience.

At DTFX you get what you pay for.  You get to call on around 40 years’ experience from SFX Supervisor David Trethewey, and the knowledge of his highly skilled crews.  And you always get our best crew and top-quality professional gear.

We’re also currently the only COVID-experienced SFX shooting crew in the world, having recently worked on “Children of the Corn”, which was shot during the first lockdown.

Call DTFX next time you need personal service, the benefits of years of accumulated knowledge, quality crew and gear, and a professional result.

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Instagram: dtfx_sfx

LinkedIn: DTFX and David Trethewey

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