‘Money School’. 

A new Foxtel documentary series will go behind the scenes as Scott Pape, aka ‘The Barefoot Investor’, rolls out a financial education program in Australian schools.

Four-parter Money School, from Essential Media, will follow Pape as he launches the Barefoot Money Movement, based on his best-selling books, ‘The Barefoot Investor – The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need’, and ‘The Barefoot Investor for Families’. More than 2000 schools have applied to be part of the program.

Pape said: “Kids spend a total of around 2,300 days at school. Yet not even one of those days is dedicated to teaching them essential money skills. Debt is tearing families and communities apart – a quarter of the nation can’t repay their credit cards, and a million homeowners are under stress. It’s clear that money education needs to be better.

“Too many Australians don’t have the skills to pay the bills. Most of us had to learn these skills the hard way, because we were never taught them in school. Our kids deserve better. My goal is that by teaching the kids, we help their parents too. And when we help parents, we can change the nation.”

The series has been supported by Screen Australia, and is slated to premiere on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel early next year.

Foxtel group general manager Lifestyle Wendy Moore said: “It’s incredibly rewarding for the Lifestyle team to be working with Scott to capture such a fabulous, positive movement that literally starts from the ground up. That we can take this knowledge to such a wide audience is so powerful, and the fact that it is so authentically Australian makes it a perfect project for our audience.”

Screen Australia head of documentary Bernadine Lim, said: “Culturally we can be hesitant to talk about our personal finance, so the premise of this documentary stood out to us as a unique opportunity to explore a touchy subject. Coupled with the fact Essential Media have a proven track record in delivering insightful Australian content that is highly accessible, Money School will definitely be one to watch.”

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