Film Victoria has announced it is attempting to make significant improvements to its operations in a bid to better support screen businesses.

The organisation announced that, effective of July 1, there will be improvements made to the areas of production investment, development investment, games development and business and travel programs. It will also overhaul its business terms of trade.

Film Victoria President Ian Robertson said the changes have been in the works for the past year and have been carefully considered by the Board, CEO Jenni Tosi and senior management and staff.

“This fundamental shift in our approach is the most significant change the agency has made since it was established 13 years ago,” he said.
“The Victorian screen industry is a significant contributor to the state’s economy and an important part of our social and cultural fabric. These improvements will maximise the funds available to support the industry and further strengthen Victoria’s reputation as a leading screen production hub.”

At an industry information session held yesterday, CEO Jenni Tosi told attendees she was excited for the new chapter and believed screen businesses would benefit.

“We’ve redesigned our programs to give practitioners access to better, more efficient and more effective support,” she said. “We believe these improvements will give Victorian screen practitioners a leading advantage in the marketplace and position them for increased growth and success.”

She also pointed out there would be less reporting required across programs, and the organisation was replacing administration fees with a flat $500 fee for assigned production investment. 

To find out more about the changes, including FAQs and the new Terms of Trade, visit