First 3D dance film opens

03 June, 2010 by IF

press release from Paramount Pictures

Streetdance 3D the world’s first 3D dance film has opened to great reviews and box office.


Film critics have been unanimous that it’s not just a movie, it’s an event…. “Viewed in 3-D, the impressive dance scenes are spectacular to watch and the highlight of this feel-good film.”

Touted as the first decent dance film since Billy Elliott … alongside comments like “ the dance sequences are wonderfully spirited.These rap and hip hop routines,with their floor gyrations and pounding rhythms,are familar from many a Hollywood movie, but Max & Dania have given them fresh energy.

“Energetic, pulsating and terrific choreography draws audiences into the experience. It succeeds in breaking down barriers that exist between appreciating the classical and modern approach to dance”

The film which has taken AUS$1 million in its first week, opened at number 1 in the UK and has gained momentum in its second weekend with a 1% increase to chart a strong number 2 behind Sex and the City 2. Streetdance 3D is currently at £5.7m (US$10.4 million)

Streetdance 3D is the world’s first dance film in 3D. Streetdance 3D is set on the streets of London and stars Charlotte Rampling (Swimming Pool, The Duchess), with debut film appearances from Britain’s Got Talent stars Flawless, Diversity and George Sampson. This groundbreaking event movie is a joyride though the UK’s street dance scene and highlights what happens when it smashes up against classical ballet.

Streetdance 3D tells the story of street dancer Carly (Nichola Burley), who must try and lead her crew to victory at the UK Street Dance Championships. After many set-backs including losing their rehearsal space, salvation comes in the unlikely shape of ballet schoolmistress Helena (Charlotte Rampling). Impressed by the skill and enthusiasm of Carly and her troupe, she strikes the street dancers a deal: they can practice in the Ballet Academy’s luxurious dance studio in return for collaborating with her ballet dancers. A clash of cultures ensues as the two very different dance styles face off against each other. After years of classical training, the ballet dancers are horrified at the crew’s slouchy style, while Carly is increasingly exasperated at their uptight aloofness. Eventually, and despite themselves, the ballet dancers begin to feel a grudging respect for the street dancers’ spectacular moves. And Carly can’t help falling for handsome ballet dancer Tomas (Richard Winsor).

Streetdance 3D is directed by Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini who have worked together on many music videos over the past 15 years, with artists as diverse as Girls Aloud, Oasis and Sophie Ellis Bextor, this is their feature film directorial debut.