Five teams set to Go Viral!

31 January, 2019 by Staff Writer

Go Viral! filmmakers.

Five NSW-based filmmaking teams will be supported to make high impact micro-films after being selected for Go Viral!, a Screenworks initiative delivered in partnership with Create NSW and  Co-Curious.


The initiative aims support emerging filmmakers to create micro-films that will “disrupt the online space with truly motivating content that connects effectively with its target audiences”. Screenworks will support the selected regional filmmakers for the Go Viral! project and Western Sydney based organisation Co-Curious will support the selected Sydney-based filmmakers.

The teams are:

  • Matty Hannon & Gary Parker of the Northern Rivers, NSW
  • David Lowe & Eve Jeffery of Cloudcatcher Media, The Channon, NSW
  • Chris Davis of Lennox Head, NSW
  • Nicole Delprado & Joanna Beveridge of Sighence Projects in Sydney
  • Vonne Patiag & Sheila Ngoc Pham of Western Sydney, NSW

“Our ambition for Go Viral! is to find a diversity of voices from across NSW and support them to create original micro-films to disrupt the digital space,” said Screenworks CEO Ken Crouch.

“We’re looking forward to working with these filmmakers to produce a varied slate of entertaining and emotive content.”

Create NSW acting director screen investment, engagement and attraction Sally Regan said: “We’re delighted by the five successful teams selected for this year’s Go Viral! initiative. Matty, Gary, David, Eve and Chris are great representatives of the growing emerging talent from regional NSW, and it’s great to continue to support Vonne, Sheila, Nicole and Joanna who have previously received Screenability and Generator: Emerging Filming Fund support.”

Co-Curious’ S. Shakthidharan said:  “We were really impressed with the quality of the applications submitted for Go Viral! and the range of exciting and meaningful project ideas that were put forward. Co-Curious is looking forward to working with Vonne and Sheila and Nicole and Joanna next year and helping bring these important stories to life.”

Each teams will receive a grant of $4,000 to make their film and work closely with stakeholders to hone their scripts and ideas before filming starts in early 2019. The final films will be released in mid 2019.