Four Corners returns for its 50th year

03 February, 2011 by IF

Press release from ABC

This week Four Corners returns in its 50th year with presenter Kerry O’Brien and a new set. The spotlight falls on the nation’s leader. Prime Minister Julia Gillard may be instantly recognisable but many Australians say they don’t really know her or what she stands for. Some comments have


“I think Julia’s as left wing as my right foot.”

“I thought she was pretty hard‐nosed, driven, a bit aggressive and I didn’t like her policies.”

“I think she comes from that school of politics that is the art of the possible.”

“I would say she developed a fairly ruthless style. She was tough.”

For some, the confusion over Julia Gillard and what she stands for reflects her apparent capacity to change her view on policy without ever adequately explaining why. What does she really think about boat people? Why did she rule out putting a price on carbon before the election and then
sign up to one afterwards? As one key industry insider told Four Corners:

“I think that where there’s chopping and changing from political leadership, doubt is cast as to whether decisions are being made for political reasons or whether decisions are being made because they’re the right decisions for the country.”

What are Julia Gillard’s passions, and does she have what it takes to successfully lead the Labor Party and the country?

Reporter Liz Jackson delves into her past. She talks to the people who watched her rise to power. Accepting an invitation to Kirribilli House and going to the cricket with the new PM, Four Corners tries to find out what makes her tick.

Along the way it becomes clear people across the country are rapidly making judgements about their new leader. Some like her, others aren’t so sure, but all of them are asking who “The Real Julia” is.

Four Corners, presented by Kerry O’Brien, goes to air on Monday 7th February at 8.30pm on ABC 1. It is replayed on Tuesday 8th February at 11.35 pm. You can also see the program on ABC 24 at 8.00pm each Saturday, on i‐view or the web at