Press release from Fox International Productions and Fortissimo Films

Fox International Productions (FIP) and Fortissimo Films have entered into a ground-breaking agreement whereby Fortissimo will act as sales agent for FIP on a number of its high profile local language motion pictures. This pivotal deal was announced today by FIP president Sanford Panitch and Fortissimo chairman Michael J Werner. Fortissimo will handle international sales on mutually agreed FIP projects in the majority of territories.

In making the announcement, it was disclosed that the first two titles to fall under the agreement are the Italian language production, VALLANZASCA, where Fortissimo are handling all rights outside Italy, France, Germany and Scandinavia;and the Russian language ALIEN GIRL, where Fortissimo are handling all rights outside of Russia.

This multi-picture relationship is a unique combination whereby a major U.S. studio and an independent film sales company will work together to maximise revenues. The deal brings FIP’s worldwide production and marketing acumen, resources and infrastructure together with Fortissimo’s 20 year track record in the sales and distribution of non-English language films. Fortissimo are long recognized as a pioneer and leader in the marketing and licensing of unique and award-winning films.

On announcing the deal Panitch commented “Fortissimo’s success in matching local distributors with independent films and Michael’s own familiarity with the kind of Studio level pictures we are developing and producing makes this a perfect fit for both parties and will prove an incredible benefit to the film makers and projects involved.”

Werner added “This is a very exciting deal for the Fortissimo family. Sanford and his FIP team are developing an amazing slate of high profile and extremely commercial local language films. Using Fortissimo’s long standing experience in bringing local films to prominence and success we expect that this arrangement will be a win-win situation for Fox, Fortissimo and the independent distribution community around the globe.”

Currently in post-production, VALLANZASCA is directed by Michele Placido with international stars Paz Vega (SPANGLISH, SEX AND LUCIA), Moritz Bleibtreu (DER BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, RUN LOLA RUN) and Kim Rossi Stuart (ROMANZO CRIMINALE, ROBERTO BEGNINI’S PINOCCHIO) leading the cast. VALLANZASCA is set in 1970’s Italy and is based on the true story of Italy’s most notorious mobster. While VALLANZASCA lived by his own professional code of honor (he claimed that he never ‘shot anyone in the back’), he and his gang took out their enemies and wrested control of the Milan underworld with a string of high profile robberies, kidnappings and murders. In the process, he captivated a celebrity-starved public and earned the nickname ‘il bel René’ – for his devilish charm and handsome face. Arrested multiple times, his daring escapades from prison enraged the government, angered his rivals and fed his legend. Scheduled for a fall theatrical release, Fortissimo are handling all rights outside Italy, France, Germany and Scandinavia. A Twenty-First Century Fox Italy co-production, VALLANZASCA is produced by FIP, Elide Mali for Cosmo Production and will be released by Fox in Italy and Germany later this fall. Fortissimo will be showing a promo reel in its Cannes offices.

Based on the novel of the same name from cult author Vladimir "Adolfovich" Nesterenko and currently in post-production, ALIEN GIRL (CHUZHAYA) tells the story of a ultra powerful, ultra violet Russian underworld figure who sends four of his best hitmen to pick up a woman hiding out in the Czech Republic, only to have her play them off against each other and come out on top. Directed by Anton Barmatov and starring Natalia Romanycheva, Evgeny Tkachuk, Kirill Poluhin, Anatoly Otradnov, Alexander Golubkov and Evgeny Mundun the film is scheduled for a major theatrical release in Russia commencing June 17th. Fortissimo are handling all rights outside of Russia.ALIEN GIRL is a K3, Profit and FIP production, produced by Konstantin Ernst and Igor Tolstunov.

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