Press release from Foxtel

Tuning in on subscriber enthusiasm for recording FOXTEL TV shows remotely from the iPhone and iPad, FOXTEL has now made its popular TV guide available to view on mobile handsets and tablet devices running Google’s Android operating system, and to download for free from the Android Market. The App joins the FOXTEL iPhone and iPad App, and has full Remote Record functionality, which means FOXTEL iQ and iQHD subscribers can use any Android mobile device to Remote Record TV shows to plan their viewing on the go and record shows directly to the iQ or iQHD.

“Since the launch of the iPhone and iPad FOXTEL TV Guide, our customers have rushed to use their phones and tablets to Remote Record their favourite shows, and we’ve experienced a significant increase in customers using their phone to view the TV Guide and Remote Record shows straight to their iQ. The FOXTEL TV Guide for Android and Apple Smartphones is perfect for planning viewing and subscribers love it,” said Patrick Delany, FOXTEL Executive Director of Product Development and Sales.

“Smart devices provide another way for customers to control their viewing experience, and having the FOXTEL TV Guide App on a wide variety of Android mobile and tablet devices makes it even easier for our customers to plan their viewing and Remote Record shows straight to their iQ, putting more viewers in control,” continued Delany.

The FOXTEL TV Guide application allows customers to; view the wide range of programs available on FOXTEL up to 14 Days in advance[i], add channels to a Favourites list for quick access, search for a program, view a short summary about each show, set Remote Record[ii] for shows to be recorded on the iQ or iQHD, and also send Reminder Alerts for programs.

Reminder Alerts are sent 15 minutes before the show begins at no extra charge. The Alerts contain the name of the show, the channel and what time it starts to make sure viewers don’t miss a moment.

To download the FOXTEL TV Guide application, users can visit the Android Market from any Android device and search for ‘FOXTEL’. The application is free and available to both FOXTEL subscribers and non-subscribers. The FOXTEL TV Guide has been developed to work across all Android Smartphones and tablets.

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