FTI offers screen acting diploma

25 June, 2009 by IF

Press release from FTI

The Film & Television Institute (FTI) is excited to announce that it is now offering a new professional industry diploma course in screen acting.


The Diploma of Screen Acting is an intensive 30-week full-time program that teaches the professional skills and performance techniques for actors intending to enter the film and television industry.

Written and developed by Fern Nicholson, the Diploma of Screen Acting is the only accredited diploma course in Australia devoted entirely to screen acting. FTI is the first Registered Training Organisation to deliver this landmark course.

Fern Nicholson was trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London (RADA) and has years of experience as an actor and in the development and delivery of screen drama training in her former role as Director of the WA company, Make Believe Entertainment.

“The Diploma of Screen Acting is taught by professionals with screen acting experience. It will provide direct experience working on film sets and is dedicated to performance for the screen”, said Fern Nicholson.

“The course teaches students how to harness personal experience and invoke their own sense of truth in each role, turning accomplished technicians into inspired artists”, she said.

FTI CEO, Graeme Sward, said, “The Diploma of Screen Acting secures FTI’s place as an all round training institute for those entering the exciting world of film and television”.

“With the increase in local drama production in this state, a course that allows potential actors to fast track their formal training will benefit the WA screen industry“, he said.

FTI is now taking enrolments for the Diploma of Screen Acting which will start in the second semester alongside the Institute’s Diploma of Screen & Media DIGITAL PRODUCTION and Diploma of Screen & Media ANIMATION.








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