Fujifilm introduces new film

04 November, 2009 by IF

Press release from Well Above

Fujifilm has a new addition to its Eterna range, the VIVID 500T, a tungsten balanced motion picture colour negative film (E.I. 500; 35mm/16mm) formulated to offer high colour saturation and contrast.


Incorporating Fujifilm’s proprietary Super Nano-structured Grain Technology, Super-Efficient Coupler Technology and Super-Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology, the Eterna family of motion picture colour negative films offers exceptional high quality image.

The family members, including Eterna 500T, a high speed film with ultra fine grain, Eterna 400T delivering remarkable shadow detail along with soft and smooth gradation, Eterna 250T/250D providing expanded latitude for significantly enhanced shadow detail and Eterna Vivid 160T offering excellent sharpness with highly saturated colour and high contrast, have earned acclaim from film creators all over the world.

As Eterna Vivid 500T shares the same gradation and colour saturation characteristics with Eterna Vivid 160T, which is popular for intensity and translucence, the seamless use of these two types is possible. All films in the Eterna family are characterized by their ability to reproduce natural skin tones and greys in under-to over-exposed conditions

Optimization of orange mask density and sharpness balance contribute to enhanced image quality for film scanning or direct telecine transfer of images from negative film to videotape, making this newest addition to the range well suited for the latest advanced digital technologies.

Ali Peck from Film Support, the exclusive Australian Distributor for all Fuji negative Motion Picture Film, said, “The reaction to the Eterna Vivid 500T has been excellent. Our feedback is that it is a very welcome and complimentary addition to the extensive Fuji range.”

Eterna Vivid 500T was recently used for the US feature film "Don’t Be
Afraid of the Dark" shot by Oliver Stapleton BSC, starring Katie Holmes and shot exclusively in Melbourne, Australia.

Eterna Vivid 500T Features

1. High colour saturation

An evolved version of Eterna series’ Super Efficient DIR-Coupler Technology promotes adhesion and separation of colours, creating a rich, translucent palette.

2. High contrast

The high contrast of Eterna Vivid 500T reproduces rich and vivid colour combined with crisp and deep blacks required for theatrical films.

3. Optimized gradation balance

Eterna Vivid 500T’s optimized gradation produces balanced, natural skin tones and greys across a wide range of exposure conditions.

4. A seamless match with Eterna Vivid 160

Sharing the intense, translucent palette of Vivid 160T, Eterna Vivid 500T makes it possible to create seamless footage during editing.

5. Enhanced telecine characteristics

Excellent linear response and colour balance facilitate colour adjustment during telecine transfer. Optimized orange mask density and sharpness balance result in improved scanning characteristics. In addition to exceptional sharpness, these improvements also minimize noise during film scanning.