By Brendan Swift

Local comedy Girl Clock! has continued its limited run across three Brisbane screens amid a dearth of new local fare at cinemas.

The film, which cost just under $1 million to produce (including deferrals), has confirmed it will add another screen and is in negotiations to add a further two. It has now taken more than $26,000 at the box office since its premiere at the Australian FIlm Festival earlier this year.

Girl Clock! is being self-distributed by producer-director Jennifer Ussi with advice from distributor Peter Castaldi.

Meanwhile, New Zealand comedy Separation City's screen average dropped by 58 per cent after opening last week. It has taken just over $29,000 at the box office.

Major local films Daybreakers and Bran Nue Dae appear to be reaching the end of their run after six and nine weeks respectively at cinemas.

No major Australian films are set for release until war film Beneath Hill 60 on April 15. Local surf movie Going Vertical will have a limited run from March 25.

 Opening w/e
Screen avg
(no. screens)
 Box Office

Bran Nue Dae
$616 (73)
$20m est.
$601 (12)
Separation City
$430 (15)
Girl Clock!
$1,127 (3)




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