Global Television installs Sony OLED monitors in OB fleet

05 March, 2012 by IF

Press release from Sony

Global Television, a leading Australian outside broadcast and studio company, has taken delivery of its first batch of Sony PVM-1741 17” OLED monitors.


."We have been evaluating suitable next generation monitors and are now in the process of up-grading our CCU and grading monitors across our entire HD fleet of OB trucks. The OLEDs are just breathtaking,” said Marc Segar, General Manager.

Global will be replacing monitors in its expanded HD fleet after the acquisition of Cutting Edge’s outside broadcast division late last year. Alongside the OLED upgrades, Global is also replacing all of its remaining commentary CRT monitors with new Sony LMD-2110W 21” screens.

“We’ve always had an eye out for a replacement for LCDs for critical viewing as they never matched CRTs,” explained Terry Manley, Chief Engineer Global Television. “We were waiting for a manufacturer to come up with something better and were very interested when Sony introduced OLED screens. We evaluated the PVM-1741 monitors at IBC 2011 and compared them to those we had in use – we found the OLEDs substantially out-performed our existing monitors.”

Sony’s 17-inch Super Top Emission OLED display panels provide unparalleled black performance, a wide colour gamut and quick pixel response with virtually no motion blur.

They will be installed by Global TV’s Engineering Services Division as they are delivered and trucks are available, with a planned implementation to time with the start of the AFL season.

“The OLEDs will be installed progressively into our HD trucks. HD1, 4 and 6 have already been upgraded with other trucks to follow in the next month. Our brand new HD10 truck will also benefit from OLED monitors when it launches later this year,” said Manley.

LMD-2110W rollout
The additional rollout of Sony LMD-2110W LCD monitors into the Global grip trucks for use in OB commentary positions, will also see the creation of an all HD flatscreen fleet. “This will give com-mentators a true full HD experience and enable us to remove the last of our legacy tube monitors,” said Segar.