Global TV supports 3D broadcast

19 July, 2010 by IF

Press release from Quinto

Three out of Three in 3D for Global TV.


It wasn’t only Queensland who won three matches out of three in this year’s State Of Origin Rugby League Series. Sydney based Global Television provided the outside broadcast facilities for all three games broadcast in Australia by the Nine Network, a world free-to-air first.

For this prestigious event, Global TV purchased JVC’s GD-463D10 46" 3D monitor product from leading Australian broadcast distributor, Quinto Communications, and used the JVC monitors for critical monitoring of the 3D content in their HD OB truck during their coverage of all three games.

As Marc Segar, NSW General Manager at Global Television, explained, "We were looking for a monitor that could operate alongside 2D monitors without compromising the 2D source monitoring, the JVC screen uses polarising technology that makes it more suitable in a multi monitor environment as well as the added benefit of very cheap glasses instead of expensive ‘active’ glasses, good when so many go missing on projects. We tested several models, the JVC won hands down"

The JVC monitor uses JVC’s Xpol circular polarising technology where alternate display lines have opposite circular polarisations.

The display can therefore provide separate left eye and right eye images, for 3D, both simultaneously, to a viewer who is wearing low cost, completely passive, circular polarising 3D glasses.

Other displays use active switching glasses that sync to one individual display at a time, in order to show separate left eye and right eye images sequentially. These were impractical in Global's OB truck environment as active glasses would have only allowed an operator to properly sync to and see a proper 3D image from one display at a time.

With the JVC passive system it is no problem for an operator to be able to view 3D images on multiple JVC 3D monitors simultaneously.

The passive continual display of both left-eye and right-eye images simultaneously to Global's operators and OB crew, rather than using monitors that need active switching glasses and display left and right images separately and sequentially, also helped eliminate flicker and operator fatigue. It also made the JVC monitors especially suitable for monitoring fast moving 3D content, such as Global's 3D State Of Origin coverage.

The JVC displays can take in 3D content in both side by side and line by line formats which made their integration into Global's overall 3D system quite straightforward. Global can now physically integrate them quickly and cleanly into the trucks main monitor wall for coverage of events in 3D, that requires large 3D program and preview monitors to fully and effectively monitor in 3D.