Govt screen review launches

01 January, 1970 by IF

Press release from Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts

Arts Minister Peter Garrett today launched the 2010 Review of the Australian Independent Screen Production Sector.


"Through the Australian film and television industry we experience our stories and celebrate our creativity," Mr Garrett said.

"The Australian film industry has been going from strength to strength. In 2008-09 annual production activity was worth $688 million, significantly above the five-year average of $576 million. Last year also saw the highest number of Australian films released in the box office in 25 years, with local box office takings of $54.8 million.

"It is timely then for this important review to take place so we can ensure the industry continues to prosper.

"This review will examine the independent screen production sector’s viability and the extent to which screen practitioners are benefiting from Government support and taking advantage of other investments," Mr Garrett said.

The review will consider the extent to which Government support measures, such as the Australian Screen Production Incentive and direct funding, are assisting the sector to achieve screen cultural objectives.

These objectives include:

* promoting the development of a sustainable independent production sector
* ensuring the creation of a diverse range of quality Australian film and television productions which appeal to audiences, and
* developing and reflecting a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity.

"I welcome submissions from those involved in the screen industry as this is an important opportunity both to highlight recent successes and to identify current challenges.

"It is crucial that we work to ensure the industry continues to produce quality film and television for Australian audiences," Mr Garrett said.

The review will deliver on one of the Government’s key film commitments made in its arts policy paper, New Directions for the Arts.

The terms of reference, discussion paper and submission form are available online at Comments are to be submitted by 29 April 2010.

The review will be conducted by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts which will report to the Minister by the end of 2010.