Hawke trailer

25 June, 2010 by IF

The story of Australia’s most loved Prime Minister as he faces his greatest challenge: a battle within his own party.

As he fights for his life, we discover his incredible transformation from the hard-drinking, womanising but brilliant trade union president to a polished, egalitarian and visionary world leader.


For a man who once sacrificed his family for his job, he must now rely solely on his friendships and allegiances to defeat his challenger and remain in power.

Hawke, produced by Richard Keddie, will air on Channel 10 this Sunday at 8.30pm.

The telemovie stars Richard Roxburgh as Hawke, Rachael Blake as the former Labor leader's first wife, Hazel Hawke, and Richard Keddie's niece Asher Keddie as Blanche d'Alpuget.