Hobby Farm trailer

25 October, 2010 by IF

Set on the outskirts of Sydney in the late 1970s, Hobby Farm is an exciting new Australian crime drama.

Introducing Paul J Murphy as Jules, and starring film and TV veterans Gerard Kennedy, Travis McMahon, Vince Sorrenti, Emma Strand and Johnny Boxer, Hobby Farm is a classic tale of redemption.


Let out of prison after five years, Jules is put in charge of the Hobby Farm – a rural property operating as a hive of illegal gambling, drugs and sex slavery.

When faced with the horrific treatment of one of the kidnapped girls newly brought to the farm, Jules must overcome the demons of his own past and turn against the only life he has ever known – to save the girl and himself.

Hobby Farm is the debut feature film from director Brad Diebert.

Distributed by Verdict Entertainment Group, the film will be released in selected cinemas on November 18.