Hot Shots Short Film Fund rejigged to concentrate on

21 February, 2017 by Harry Windsor

Maya Stange in short film 'Trespass' (2016), directed by Mirrah Foulkes and funded by Hot Shots. (Photo credit: Mark Rogers).


Screen Australia’s Hot Shots Short Film Fund, now retitled Hot Shots Plus, has been rebranded as a "proof of concept program".

The program will now provide production funding for a narrative proof of concept, and development funding to help turn that proof-of-concept into a longer form project. 

The program's eligibility criteria  formerly a festival screening credit  has been broadened to include the public release of a film on any social media platform.

“We have revamped this program in recognition that today there are multiple pathways to an artistically satisfying and sustainable career other than making a short film” said Screen Australia's Senior Manager of Development, Nerida Moore.

“Hot Shots Plus is deliberately platform-agnostic, and provides emerging practitioners with the opportunity to develop a longer-form idea whilst concurrently realising an accompanying proof of concept. We don’t want Hot Shots Plus to be the end result; we want it to be the beginning of a career.”

Up to $70,000 in funding is available for live action production, up to $100,000 for animation production and up to $40,000 for post, while up to $50,000 in development funding will be available for the longer-form project. 

In total, a pool of around $750,000 is available. The original Hot Shots program, launched in 2013, funded a total of 28 shorts. Applications for Hot Shots Plus close April 20. Program guidelines are here.