Hoyts picks up Cedar Boys

28 May, 2009 by IF

By Simon de Bruyn

Mushroom Pictures has inked a deal with Hoyts Distribution for the upcoming July release of its Australian-Lebanese drama Cedar Boys.


The deal comes on the back of news that the film has sold out its two world premiere screenings at the 56th Sydney Film Festival next month.

“We’re delighted to have Hoyts on board as a distribution partner, and this response confirms our confidence in this terrific movie,” said Mushroom Pictures’ managing director Martin Fabinyi.

Former national distribution manager at Australian Film Syndicate, Peter Castaldi, is working with Mushroom as distribution co-ordinator through his new company, Pack Distribution.

Hoyts last Australian film it released theatrically was outback thriller Cactus, which was made for $1.2 million and took $161,000 at the box office, after premiering on 40 screens.

Shot for $1.5 million in Sydney last year, Cedar Boys stars Transformers’ Rachael Taylor, Les Chantery, Jake Wall, Waddah Sari and featuring Martin Henderson.

Cedar Boys was written, directed and co-produced by Serhat Caradee and produced by Templar Entertainment’s Jeff Purser and Ranko Markovic, and Matthew Dabner.