ICS talent find new homes

05 June, 2013 by Don Groves

As talent agency International Casting Services (ICS) prepares to shut its doors after 52 years, many of the actors it has represented have found new homes,

Former ICS clients Martin Sacks, Kris McQuade, Helen Dallimore, Erica Lovell, Jo Turner, Nick Simpson-Deeks, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Kip Gamblin and Nathan O’Keefe have all crossed to Lisa Mann Creative Management (LMCM).


Rachel Blake and Tony Martin have joined RGM, John Waters signed with Marquee and Debra Lawrance has gone to Creative Representation.
As IF reported previously, Abe Forsythe signed with United Management and John Batchelor moved to RGM. Some other ICS clients have told industry colleagues they have yet to decide what to do.

Melina McKenna, who was a senior agent at ICS, joined LMCM on June 4. There are differing accounts of the circumstances leading to the decision to close ICS. Lisa Mann told IF on May 24, “When Melina was offered senior agent position here at LMCM we had no way of knowing that ICS’s doors were about to close, so the shock was as great to us as it was to her, the industry at large and to all of those wonderful actors and creative clients.”

In response, Pauline Lee, who was a partner and senior agent at ICS, posted a comment on IF’s website stating, “These are the facts. I retired 2 months ago. I gave the agency to Melina McKenna to run, an offer to which she enthusiastically agreed. 2 months into my retirement Melina McKenna gave me 2 weeks’ notice without any conversation and moved over to Lisa Mann. Melina had been with ICS for 24 years.”