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Building on its current association with Australia’s only people’s choice film awards, Jameson Irish Whiskey is proud to announce it will be the Naming Rights Partner for the 2011 Jameson IF Awards.

Now in their thirteenth year, the Jameson IF Awards support the Australian film industry through engaging the general public to watch and share their opinions on Australian produced films.

Jameson Irish Whiskey has been a long-standing supporter of the film industry, both within Australia and globally. Currently, Jameson remains a key sponsor for the Dublin, Tribeca, Toronto and Bangkok International Film Festivals, as well as Tropfest, Flickerfest and now the Jameson IF Awards in Australia.

“IF Awards are absolutely delighted to welcome Jameson back in 2011, as our new Naming Rights Partner of the IF Awards. The Awards are a celebration of home-grown talent and production and it’s only fitting that the Jameson brand, long a champion of film internationally, is on board to help IF celebrate another year of Australian film and TV success.”
Annie Parnell, IF Awards Producer

The Jameson IF Awards are the people’s choice awards for Australian films. IF encourages the general public to watch Australian films and rate them across a number of categories including acting, producing and music. Through this open dialogue with the public, the Jameson IF Awards are continuously driving support for the industry and celebrating the abundant creative screen talent that we have in this country.

For the past three years Jameson has championed an important and often unheralded component of the Australian film industry through its John Jameson Productions (JJP) initiative. The project is aimed at recognising and supporting up and coming script writers with its open-ended competition which has seen a total of nine film visions come fruition. The platform ultimately opens up opportunities for a broad spectrum of industry talent, more recently unearthing the directorial skills of Gracie Otto and characterization abilities of former model and now actress, Mink Sadowsky amongst others.

This year, the Jameson IF Awards have also made a strategic partnership with the AHL Group of Cinemas including Event Cinemas, Greater Union and Birch, Carroll and Coyle Cinemas. Boasting more than 55 cinema locations, the AHL Group will be combining with the Jameson IF Awards to drive local production forward. With the ability to raise awareness about the Australian film industry with audiences both digitally and through the cinemas, AHL Group and the Jameson IF Awards have the potential to reach a huge number of people enjoying Australian films substantially and positively affect box office sales for local Australian movies.

Already these partnerships have resulted in a preview screening of Snowtown, the Australian film directed by Justin Kurzel about the real life crimes of Australia’s worst serial killer, John Bunting.

Guests such as Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward, Pia Miranda and Susie Porter enjoyed Jameson cocktails, viewed this acclaimed Australian film at Event Cinemas George Street location and had the opportunity to “Love it, Hate it or Rate it” for the 2011 Jameson IF Awards.

Log on to and have your say on the following Australian films ready to rate:

Red Hill, The Loved Ones, The Wedding Party, Wasted on the Young, The Reef, Road Train, Legend of the Guardians, A Heartbeat Away, and Blame.

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