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In arguably the most promising partnership in the 12 year history of the IF Awards, we can today announce a strategic business alignment for 2011 between the IF Awards and the AHL Group of Cinemas including Event Cinemas, Greater Union and Birch, Carroll and Coyle Cinemas.

This landmark deal will see the IF Awards greatest opportunity to positively affect box office sales for local Australian movies since the people choice film event first began in 1999.

This partnership is a testament to the IF Awards and AHL Group of Cinemas commitment to our local film industry.

The Inside Film Awards support the domestic movie industry through engaging the Australian public and encouraging them to watch and share their opinions on locally produced films.

Each year key industry and consumer organisations partner with the IF Awards to help shine the spotlight on Australian filmmaking from short films through to documentaries and feature productions.

As the country’s cinema exhibition leader, AHL boasts more than 55 cinema locations, Australia’s number one entertainment website (independently audited by Hitwise) and almost one million members in its popular loyalty club, Cine Buzz.

This combination of IF Award resources and Event Cinemas marketing power to promote Australian film screenings will be a major force in driving local production forward.

In 2011, Event Cinemas will co-present its Cine Buzz loyalty club screenings with Inside Film Awards to open up more Australian films to local cinema audiences.

AHL Managing Director David Seargeant says “Event Cinemas is committed to supporting Australian film production in our company’s 100th year, it is pleasing to join IF to further grow audiences for local films to drive box office”.

With an average of over 150 000 rating per year already, the additional cinema goer interaction across Event Cinemas website, Loyalty Club, social media, digital TV and newsletter add a potential 4 million consumers being reached by the IF Awards brand each month.

This offers the greatest contribution to helping increase Australian film box office percentages for Australia’s only people’s choice film platform.

“There is no doubt that over the past five years The IF Awards have evolved. They no longer exist only to celebrate and pay tribute to the Australian films and filmmakers, but exist to serve the industry by helping engagement with audiences.

Last year the IF Awards through its marketing and publicity campaigns generated over $6 million in public relations coverage for Australian films and opened up international press placements in the UK and US. In 2010 we’ve grown our reach by increasing promotional activity based on the “Love it, Hate it, Rate It” campaign.

This new partnership with the AHL Group of Cinemas which commences in 2011 is very exciting and has the potential to significantly increase our reach, so more people can discover and enjoy Australian films and join us in celebrating our internationally recognised home grown talent.“

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