Indie horror feature film Turbines after financial support

09 February, 2012 by IF

Press release

A new feature film is taking shape in Canberra. One which combines the real world issues of immigration, green & alternative energy sources, a
true-­to-life medical condition known as ‘wind turbine syndrome’, and grisly, horrific murder(!).


With a talented, international cast and crew, this production promises to scare you, make you think, and engage – quite a feat for an indy horror film.

The production team is headed by Producers Yolandi Franken & Producer/Co-­Director Igor  Breakenback, who hail from South Africa and Austria respectively, but live full time in Australia.  Both bring a wealth of  background and experience to the project as they have had extensive careers and done everything from writing, producing, directing, and acting. In fact, they both have roles in the film.

Rounding out the team is the Script Writer/Co-­Director Shane Borza, who hails from the USA but has lived in Sydney for over two years, and Warren Coulton, a native Australian, who is an Actor and Associate Producer on the film.

The seeds for Turbines were sown when Igor went to Canberra to work with Warren on a film. “I saw the turbines and it got me thinking” Igor says. That idea, combined with input from Warren, was the beginning.

This turned into a short treatment and was handed over to Shane Borza who pounded out a feature film script in two weeks. Things got serious when Igor brought Yolandi in as a Production partner. She got the ball rolling on contacting companies and people who would be interested in becoming partners in the production. The team is now poised to begin filming.

The cast is growing and includes such notables as Amber Gokken, featured in The Matrix, as well as Gabriel. The story concerns an immigrant couple who arrive via the governments Regional Placement Visa, a means to populate rural areas with skilled labor. At first they are excited but soon this gives way to the oppressive loneliness, isolation, and hard work. They push through, start a family, and keep their eyes on the prize of future citizenship but run-ins with prejudiced locals, health and marriage problems, slaughtered animals, disappearances, and black outs become the
norm. Things heat up as a University Research Team stumbles into the mix and then become victims of a marauding maniac with a hammer.

The body count soon spirals out of control, the Police arrive, and all hell breaks loose! But who is the killer, or is it killers? And why are they slaughtering everyone? The turbines continue to turn no matter what goes on. But are they simply watching events unfold? Or are they somehow involved?

Although the cast, crew, locations, effects, and stunts are moving forward, the production needs support. “I encourage everyone to go
to our fundraising page, and tell others to do so too. Independent art is actually very dependant on support, whether that is financial, or word of mouth
advertising," screenwriter Shane Borza says.

For updates, photos, cast and crew information, and more go to Face Book and  ‘like’  their page. To contribute, please go to IndieGoGo, their page can be found here.