SBS’s critically acclaimed documentary, Jabbed – Love, Fear and Vaccines has won the National Press Club of Australia award for Best Documentary or Documentary Series – Health, Health Sciences or Innovation in the field of Health and Health Sciences.

The award was announced today at a ceremony held at the National Press Club of Australia in Canberra.

Jabbed writer, producer and director Sonya Pemberton also won the ‘Health Journalist of the Year’ award, which was presented by the Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Health and Minister for Sport.

The documentary first aired on SBS ONE in May last year and presented a game-changing look at the controversial subject of vaccination. The special feature length delved into this divisive debate like never before, questioning whether vaccines are to blame when things go wrong or if there are other factors at play.

Acknowledging and addressing the fears fuelling a growing trend of vaccine hesitancy around the world, Jabbed investigated the real cost of opting out.

“We are delighted that Jabbed and Sonya have been acknowledged with these important awards”, SBS Director of Television Tony Iffland said.

“When the documentary first aired on SBS last year, it helped stimulate the debate and bring awareness to this controversial subject. One year on, Jabbed remains a relevant and provocative part of our national conversation.”

Sonya Pemberton said:

“This is tremendous honour. I wanted to cut through the public confusion to give people a clear picture of how vaccines work and why they play such an important role in public health. Importantly I wanted the film to be illuminating both for the majority who vaccinate their kids and for the minority who may delay or consider not vaccinating at all.”

Tune in to SBS ONE at 8.30pm on Sunday July 13, for an encore screening of Jabbed – Love, Fear and Vaccines.

Production information:
Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines is made by Genepool Productions, a joint venture between
Pemberton Films and Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder, with the participation of SBS Australia and
Screen Australia.

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