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The Jameson IF Awards are known for their support across the Australian film industry from production, editing, cinematography, sound, design and music to acting and directing. In 2010 the awards extended their reach to television with the introduction of the Out of the Box and Contribution to Television IF Awards which celebrate those with immense talent on television and those who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Australian TV has created some of our best-known screen exports including actors such as Hugo Weaving, Russell Crowe and Isabel Lucas who have all ‘jumped out of the box’ to become major film stars. The winner of last year’s inaugural Out of the Box IF Award, Packed to the Rafter’s Ryan Corr, has just recently won the Australians in Film Heath Ledger scholarship. Receiving a one-year full-time scholarship at LA’s Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre, the 22-year-old actor is well on his way to making his mark in film – a great IF prediction!

Nominations are now open for the 2011 Jameson IF Award for Out of the Box:

The Out of the Box IF Award is open to Australian actors or actresses between the age of 15-35 years from a Drama, Comedy, Sit Com or long running series across free to air or subscription TV. The submissions will be reviewed by an industry panel and 6-8 nominees encompassing both male and female talent will be announced at a special event in October. The winner will then be determined by a public online poll and announced at the IF Awards in mid November 2011.

To enter, simply visit and download the entry form for Out of the Box IF Award, include a two page resume and a statement to the Jameson IF Awards detailing in no more than 500 words why the nominee is eligible for the new talent Out of the Box IF Award. Entries will need to be submitted by 5pm Monday July 25, 2011.

The Docklands Studios Melbourne IF Award for Outstanding Contribution to Television acknowledges the television industry professionals whose work has created an environment and platform for the development of creative talent in Australia over at least 10 years. The winner of the award will be decided by an industry panel and will be announced at the Jameson IF Awards in mid November. Last year’s inaugural winner, Penny Chapman, has worked as a producer on Australian TV for 25 years with her body of work including Heartland, Brides of Christ, Blue Murder, RAN: Remote Area Nurse, My Place and the upcoming The Slap.

“What excites me is the talent that’s wanting to work in television. Over the last ten years television has become a much more interesting place, a much more interesting market, as really creative people see television as a way of creating longer-form storytelling. Now, that’s because the feature film market has become harder and harder, but I love the fact that there’s HBO, the Mad Mens of the world. People who in the past would not have deigned to work in television now see it as a marvellously rich, generative place to be.” Penny Chapman.

The Jameson IF Awards encourage Australians to support local films in order to help foster and grow local production. Their continual support of the film industry includes a platform for those both in front and behind the camera to develop their creative skills and careers. The 2011 Jameson IF Awards are the favourite celebration of the Australian film industry.

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