Actor Josh Lawson has joined the cast of political comedy Dog Fight, as reported by  Deadline.

The Warner Bros film, which will be produced by comedian Will Ferrell and directed by Jay Roach (Meet the Parents, Dinner for Schmucks), centres around competing presidential candidates (Ferrell and The Hangover star Zach Galiflianakis).

Lawson will play the brother of Galifianakis. According to Deadline, the script called for two brothers, but the roles were combined following Lawson's table read.

Lawson, who is popular in Australia for his appearances on Thank God You're Here, was recently named Best Hollywood Newcomer at the Beverly Hills Film, TV and New Media Festival for his role in The Wedding Party – a local film which has been popular on the festival circuit but has yet to secure distribution.

In 2012, he will star in the Rob Sitch comedy Any Questions for Ben? alonside Rachael Taylor.

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