VFX Supervisor Andrew Hellen: “A lot of attention was paid to the edit and we worked closely with Matt and Bernard Garry to keep it live through our production schedule. We continually fed them shots to help find the right balance between the Sports mode where the car moves dynamically, fighting to gain control of the platform, then finding a moment when the car slows the platform for a beat to switch to Eco and the Lexus gracefully gains control, levelling the platform for the final few shots.”

Lexus ‘A Beautiful Contradiction’ first aired in Australia on March 27.


Client: Lexus
Production Company: GoodOil Films
Director: Matt Murphy
Prod Co Producer: Ben Scandrett-Smith
DOP: Susan Stitt
Editor: Bernard Garry, The Editors
Sound Design: Simon Kane, Songzu
Fuel VFX
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Hellen
Executive Producer: Celia Nicholas
Producer: Erica Ford

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