DAFUQ? is an original six-part web series parodying the new wave of ‘edgy’ online gonzo journo. Think Bondi Hipsters at the helm of VICE.

Produced by WA production company Mad Kids and written and directed by Henry Inglis and Matt Lovkis, the show follows 'edgy' reporters Lee D (Lovkis), Rift (Inglis) and Pandora (Amberly Cull), who are prepared to go where mainstream media isn’t and ask the questions they won’t. 

Whatever the story, whether it's the leaking of military secrets, ISIS or bikie wars, DAFUQ?’s reporters will get to the heart of it – and make it all about themselves.

Head of Comedy, ABC TV, Rick Kalowski said: "DAFUQ? is one of the most timely, daring ideas to have crossed ABC Comedy desks in a long time, and I'm thrilled that it's found a home as an ABC iView original, and sees ABC continue its collaboration with WA's outstanding Mad Kids comedy team.”

Producer Lauren Elliott said: “Mad Kids is thrilled to introduce Australian audiences to the deranged world of DAFUQ? and its three intrepid reporters who have insisted that we mention that mainstream media is lame and DAFUQ? is the only news organisation that doesn’t suck.”

DAFUQ? premieres on ABC iView on February 15.

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