Rising stars Mark Coles Smith and Genna Hayes will screen their short film, Wurinyan, as part of Cannes' Festival Corner

Shot entirely in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, the short, which runs at 34 minutes, also stars Christine Anu, Rarriwuy Hick and Peter Mochrie.

Wurinyan was directed by Hayes, executive produced by John McGrath and Paul Ralph and shot by DOP Rupert Brown.

Hayes, who has just returned from South America after starring in Venezuelan thriller Infection, said she was excited to share this Australian story with an international audience. 

“This was a passion project for many of us involved, and to access a global audience at the most prestigious film festival in the world and spread awareness about these issues is incredible,” she said. 

Last Cab to Darwin's Coles Smith said he was drawn to the project "as it not only raises awareness about important social issues, but also offers hope by suggesting ways to transcend them". 

Hayes was recently nominated for Westpac and The Financial Review's 2016 100 Women Of Influence Award, and is currently shooting Talkers in Sydney alongside Mal Kennard, Maya Stange and Alfie Gledhill. 

Coles Smith is currently in Canada shooting series Hard Rock Medical.

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  1. Your headline is very misleading. Cannes Festival Corner is an open section of Cannes and any film registered for the film market can screen. Cannes Film Festival is also in May, not “next month” like you suggest. Do your research.

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