Matt Eskandari.

Iranian-American director Matt Eskandari is attached to helm Breakers, a political action-thriller written by Janice Eymann and David Rollins.

Breakers is based on the 2009 presidential elections in Iran and the ‘firewall’ the regime put up to try to choke dissent.

It follows two parallel stories that merge; one of students writing algorithms to pierce the firewall, and a retired CIA agent who takes a team of four ex-Special Forces into Iran to rescue their female asset who has proof the election was rigged.

Eskandari’s recent credits include three Bruce Willis-actioners: Hard Kill, Survive The Night and Trauma Center. The director immigrated to the US as a child with his family following the Iranian revolution.

Eymann, CEO of Filmworks Company, and Rollins are producing the project with Tim Maddocks of Maddfilms. The executive producer is Jomon Thomas (Hotel Mumbai).

Eymann tells IF the script for Breakers has been compared to Argo, Syriana and the Bourne franchise.

The producers aim to shoot the film in South Australia later this year. Eymann says they are currently in talks with an A-list actor for the male lead, the role of the ex-CIA agent.

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