A physically correct, unbiased rendering engine, Maxwell Render™ is capable of simulating light exactly as it behaves in the real world. Maxwell Render™ can fully capture all light interactions between all elements in a scene no matter how complex they are, while offering a straightforward user interface and effective workflow through plug-ins to a large range of 3D and CAD applications. Maxwell Render™ has been acclaimed as a landmark in next-generation rendering technology, having produced the best photorealistic images to date.

Maxwell’s approach to rendering is based on real-world units and settings. For example, the settings of the Maxwell Render camera work and adjust just like the settings of a real camera and the strength of the lights in your scene is based on real-world units.It is straightforward to create and render scenes, and setup times are extremely low compared to other renderers.

With a Maxwell Render license, you also get free plug-ins to a wide range of popular 3D and CAD applications so you can use Maxwell Render while staying in the comfortable environment of the modeling software you are already familiar with. You also get access to an online library of over 3500 free and ready-to-use materials, plus other resources like textures, skies, illumination pre-sets, free tutorials and community support. 

The technology behind Maxwell Render is physically correct and unbiased, enabling users to create materials, set lights and cameras, and render scenes, all in a hyper realistic manner resulting in images that are indistinguishable from photographs

Next Limit are pleased to announce that version 2 of Maxwell Render™ is not far away. Maxwell v2 will include improvements in speed, noise reduction, plug-ins, a fully updated UI, and much more.

To find out more about Maxwell Render, please see our website: http://www.maxwellrender.com/

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