Morgan Spurlock becomes MIFF ambassador

08 August, 2008 by IF

After spending the weekend in Melbourne as a guest of the Melbourne International Film Festival, US filmmaker Morgan Spurlock was so impressed with the festival that he has agreed to become the first international Ambassador for MIFF.

“I am honoured to be the first Ambassador for the Melbourne Film Festival. I think it’s important to remind both distributors and filmmakers of the incredible opportunities that exist for them both at this festival and in Australia and I hope that I can share all my positive experiences with them in the year ahead”, said Spurlock.


“It’s great feedback for the festival to have guests enjoy the spirit of the festival so much they want to go out and spruik it”, said Festival Director, Richard Moore. “Morgan is an incredibly talented filmmaker and was such a gracious guest – we’re overjoyed to have him join the new MIFF Ambassador program which now includes Eric Bana and Fred Schepisi as well as long-time MIFF Patron Geoffrey Rush”.

Spurlock shot to fame in 2004 with his documentary Super Size Me, which documented the effects of what happens when he ate McDonalds for every meal for a month. Having lost the weight from the fast food experiment, Morgan Spurlock returns with Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? An attempt to track down the Western world’s arch nemesis, Osama Bin Laden. On the news of his wife’s pregnancy, Spurlock reacted how most men would – he headed straight to the Middle East; not in an attempt to escape his responsibilities, but instead to find Bin Laden and make the world a safer place for his child.

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