Movie Extra Tropfest releases official trailer

25 January, 2012 by IF

Press release from Tropfest

Movie Extra Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival, have today released the official trailer for their 20th year celebrations, to be held on Friday 17 – Sunday 19 February 2012.


Tropfest selected boutique production company Captiv8 to produce the trailer which tells the narrative of a man struggling to find the right idea; a process that many a Tropfest filmmaker would be familiar with.

The trailer opens with a man (played by Tropfest Alumni actor Matt Zeremes) desperately searching through a bag filled with the light bulbs, in a reference to the 2012 Tropfest Signature Item – LIGHT BULB. The 20th year TSI was chosen specifically because Tropfest is all about the importance of the central idea in film.

The light bulbs represent different story ideas. The man is constantly dismayed by the light bulbs he pulls from the bag, listening for a moment to the sounds of different types of films emanating from them before discarding them.

It’s only once the bag is empty that he realises that the big idea he’s been looking for has been above him all along.

Festival Director John Polson says “We’re really impressed with this year’s trailer. It captures the whole ethos of Tropfest, that it’s about the idea and and the power of creative storytelling.

“Captiv8 have been involved with Tropfest for 3 years now and they continue to create amazing work for us. They have a great understanding of our brand and audience,” he says.

For information about what Tropfest has planned for the festival weekend, visit