Nadia Tass, Bryce Menzies named Victoria’s 2014 Screen Leaders

02 October, 2014 by Press Release

Director Nadia Tass and entertainment lawyer Bryce Menzies have been named the recipients of the 3rd annual Victorian Screen Leader Awards for their outstanding contribution to the Victorian screen industry.

The Screen Leader Awards were established by Film Victoria in 2012 to recognise screen professionals who’ve shown leadership through their achievements and a commitment to further developing the industry.


Nadia Tass received the Jill Robb Award for Outstanding Leadership, Achievement and Service to the Victorian Screen Industry, recognising her significant body of work.

Nadia’s many years of experience across film, television and theatre makes her a uniquely skilled and highly sought-after director, producer and storyteller. Since directing the cult comedy MALCOLM in 1986 her career has flourished, delivering entertaining and heart-warming stories enjoyed by audiences around the world.

She’s directed more than 15 film and TV projects through her production company Cascade Films including THE BIG STEAL, AMY and MATCHING JACK and has built a stellar career overseas.

Nadia’s theatre work has seen her direct THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, THE OTHER PLACE for the Melbourne Theatre Company in 2003 and the world premiere of OUT OF WATER for Red Stitch Actors Theatre.

Known for her skill in directing children, Nadia has shared her skills and knowledge through lecturing, mentoring and tutoring, inspiring actors and filmmakers to excel at their crafts. Her significant contribution to cinema has been recognised with numerous awards and three international retrospectives.

Bryce Menzies received the John Howie Award for Outstanding Leadership, Achievement and Service to the Victorian Screen Industry for his many of years of service as entertainment lawyer and producer.

Bryce’s service to the film industry spans more than 30 years and is reflected in the extraordinary breadth of his work as a lawyer, producer and executive producer on over 500 productions.

His advice and assistance with the financing of iconic Australian films such as MALCOLM, TWO HANDS and MARY & MAX ensured these and many other productions were realised.

His generosity in sharing his knowledge of the international marketplace has been integral in advancing the careers of talented practitioners like Rolf De Heer, Gregor Jordan, P.J. Hogan, Tim White, Marian McGowan, David Parker and this year’s Jill Robb Award winner Nadia Tass among others.

Bryce is known for his thunderous laugh, red boots and commitment to sharing his insight and knowledge with early career writers, directors and producers. He’s served on several industry boards including the South Australian Film Corporation, the Melbourne International Film Festival, Open Channel and his highly valued contribution over six years as a member of the Film Victoria Board.

The Screen Leader awards are named in honour of film and TV producer Jill Robb and creative arts advocate John Howie, two significant supporters of the industry and inspiring leaders in Film Victoria’s history.

At an industry gathering tonight, Film Victoria CEO Jenni Tosi congratulated Nadia and Bryce and thanked them for their many years of service, leadership and commitment to the screen industry.

“Nadia and Bryce both have amazing energy, unstoppable creative minds and a fierce passion for this industry, as well as impressive bodies of work. They are highly respected among their peers and truly worthy recipients of these awards.”

Accepting the award in front of her colleagues and peers, Nadia said it was an honour for her work to be recognised in this significant way. “Our future in the Victorian film industry lies in our young filmmakers having the opportunity to learn from the many great films that have come out of this industry, and from mine and other’s efforts in the lecture room,” she said.

Bryce described receiving the award as “awesome,” adding that he was particularly pleased to accept it “on behalf of all entertainment lawyers, who don’t often get recognition, are left off wrap party invites and don’t often appear in the crew photos!”

“It has been both a privilege and a lot of fun to work with such a talented, driven and enthusiastic bunch of producers. I am really pleased and proud of all the films we have made over the years.”

Ms Tosi said the Screen Leader Awards served to promote the collegiate and generous goodwill of the Victorian industry. “Coming together in this way gives early and mid career talent an intimate opportunity to engage with Victoria’s leading screen practitioners,” she said.

“It’s our hope that these awards encourage and inspire others to take active roles as leaders and mentors, enhancing our reputation as creative and vibrant screen community.”

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