Indiana Evans and Justine Clarke have joined the cast of the fourth season of Playmaker Media’s House Husbands, now shooting in Melbourne.

Evans (Secrets & Lies, Janet King) is playing Tash, a single mother new to Melbourne who ignites a tumultuous love triangle. Clarke is Eve, the hot-headed tuckshop lady who competes with the catering business run by Kane (Gyton Grantley).

Also new to the cast are Akos Armont (Winter, Janet King) as the charming and ambitious Dr Saxon, whose presence creates tension within the hospital, and Jane Kennedy as Belinda, the resident Director of Medical Services.

Returning regulars include Lewis (Gary Sweet), Justin (Firass Dirani), Mark (Rhys Muldoon), Gemma (Julia Morris), Abi (Natalie Saleeba), Alex (Darren McMullen) and Miss Looby (Louise Siversen).

Mark’s controlling boss Rachel, played by Jane Allsop in season one, makes a fiery comeback . Also returning from season one to cause trouble is Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan).  Back on the scene after her intimate encounter with Justin in season three is Frankie (Danielle Horvat).

Missing, however, is Rachel Griffiths, who guest starred as Belle in the last series.

Co-creators Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt are the lead writers and showrunners. The directors are Grant Brown, Matt King and Ian Watson.

Nine’s co-heads of drama Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan said: “Everyone with a family can relate to the challenges faced by our House Husbands and their partners. With the finest ensemble cast on Australian television, series four will deliver more life-changing, gut-wrenching and laugh-out-loud surprises than ever before.

“House Husbands has struck a chord with viewers at home and around the world, with a swag of Logie Award nominations, major overseas sales and remakes planned for France and Italy.”

Playmaker executive producer David Maher said: “House Husbands proves Australians are hungry for local drama that delivers the big issues of domestic life with humour and heart."

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