Digital agency Lash Creative has been working with Tropfest on Watch, an online portal designed to showcase a back catalogue of Tropfest films.

Development screeched to a halt when news of the fest's cancellation broke in 2015. When Tropfest was revived, so was the site – which went live today.

“The day that we got the call that Tropfest is back on, we had the biggest smiles on our faces and everyone in the agency was brimming with relief and happiness”, Client Services Director at Lash Creative Alicent Platenkamp said.

“We are super excited to reveal what we’ve been creating with Tropfest for all these months. A lot of hard work has been put into it from both sides. It stands for what Tropfest is all about, and what makes it the world’s largest short film festival. Launching it along with the revival of Tropfest makes it so much more special”, said Platenkamp.

John Polson commented:

“Our mission at Trofest has always been to provide a platform for filmmakers; to connect them with the largest possible audiences". 

"Tropfest’s online audience is a big part of the picture. We know that our channel is the most popular film festival channel on Youtube globally. Our films have been seen close to 40 million times so we know there’s an audience out there really keen on experiencing short film”.

“What Lash has done is create a curated online space where short film dominates. It’s a huge thing for Tropfest to be able to offer our filmmaking community even more exposure for their work. Tropfest is about celebrating storytelling, and what Watch does is embrace that ideology and take it to even greater heights”.

Tropfest will be held February 14 at Sydney’s Centennial Park, and has launched a Pozible campaign to secure a sustainable future:

Check out Watch here:

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