Press release from Kate Rees Davies

British Actor/Director Kate Rees Davies who studied at NIDA and Australian Actor/Producer/Writer Erryn Arkin have a film screening at Cannes.

Set in Los Angeles, the 14 minute short is about a vigilante finds a way to infiltrate the lives of selected individuals through their cell phones. A man is targeted by this vigilante and trapped in a prison-like cell, where all he has with him is a phone. Although, he may not be alone in the cell after all…

Kate moved to Los Angeles in April 2009 to further her career in film. Erryn moved to Los Angeles in late 2010. This is the second time the pair have collaborated. The film Cell/Phone was shot in January 2011, it was written by Erryn and directed by Kate who has just finished her directing certificate at UCLA.

This is Kate's second film to screen at Cannes, last year the film Drain Desert Tanner screened there which has now been picked up by NBC. Erryn also has another film screening in this years festival, called Equilateral.

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