NZMPEA launch My Cinema promo platform with Hunt for the Wilderpeople

16 March, 2016 by Staff Writer

Hunt for the Wilderpeople star Julian Dennison.


The New Zealand Motion Pictures Exhibitors Association (NZMPEA) has launched a nationwide roadshow circuit called My Cinema, a promotional platform that will first run in partnership with Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

The promotion brings together NZMPEA independent cinemas in a coordinated promotional effort, allowing them to hold their own preview screenings with intros from Waititi alongside the screening of exclusive, never-seen-before footage.

Cinemas that opt in for the promotion will hold their preview screenings on March 30, with the film releasing around NZ the next day.

“We can’t think of a better way to launch this fantastic promotion across independent cinemas, than to partner with an independent New Zealand film”, said NZMPEA President Mark Christensen.

“On average, independent cinemas account for 20 percent of the NZ box office, but Boy and What We Do In The Shadows [Waititi's last two films] over performed with 22 percent and 25 percent respectively. As one of our most celebrated local filmmakers, Taika resonates with independent cinemagoers and we are very excited for the release of Hunt for the Wilderpeople”.

The film's producer, Carthew Neal, called the film "a great kiwi yarn set against our beautiful wilderness. It’s fantastic to partner with the independent cinemas around the country to celebrate this national story.” 

Theatrical Sales Manager at Madman Entertainment NZ Mark Chamberlain said that “Madman prides itself on our relationships with independent cinemas; therefore the association with My Cinema on Hunt for the Wilderpeople was a natural fit”.

Madman is releasing Hunt for the Wilderpeople in Australia May 26.