Australian borders closed shut in March 2020 as a reaction to the global spread of Corona Virus. By virtue of being able to protect ourselves via our geographical location, Australia has become a favoured destination for foreign production companies wanting to film in a physically safe low risk environment. Combine this with our reputation for skilled talent and Government Production Incentives the resultant increase in demand for local experienced crew was bound to happen.  Large foreign budgets provide more opportunities for our local cast and crew and as demand starts to exceed supply the costs for local Australian productions start to increase as they compete for talent.

With this increased spending and additional film incentives from our States the need to maintain accurate accounting records is when experienced production accountants who were already in short supply become a vital part of your production team. Based on the contract and itinerant nature of the film industry, filling these positions often comes down to word of mouth based on someone’s prior experience working together and the current demand is simply greater than the existing supply.

Working with Natalie Ducki from Collective Works together we help clients account for their production. From establishing an SPV, Budgets, Cost Reports, Production Accounting and Payroll, QAPE Audits, Tax compliance to a members voluntary liquidation of the company. For the month of July we are offering 10 free hour online meetings with Kylie Parker from Lotus Accountants please register on the link at

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