Post-production houses increase demand for LTO tapes

31 January, 2017 by Press Release


Significant increase


SYDNEY, 31 January 2017: The latter half of 2016 and beginning of 2017 has seen a significant increase in the demand for LTO tapes from the post production industry as compared to the same period 12 months ago according to Fujifilm Australia.

Fujifilm Australia GM Recording Media and Optical Marc Van Agten explained, “We’ve really seen a major increase in the usage of LTO tapes in the post production industry compared to last year and this demand seems to be continuing. Whist demand for older LTO formats is still strong there’s been a particular requirement for LTO7 and our LTO Ecology Pack.”

Fujifilm’s LTO Ultrium 7 Data Cartridge (LTO7) allows for the backup and archive of large volumes of data and high-speed data transfer at 300 MB/s and offers a storage capacity of 6TB.

Fujifilm’s LTO Ecology Pack (EcoPack) offers post houses the same high quality tape whilst being much kinder to the environment with 85% fewer CO2 emissions created due to less packaging, when compared to Fujifilm standard LTO product packaging. Post houses also save on effort as tapes load more easily without a P-case, have lower disposal costs as a result of reduced packaging and save on space as the EcoPack takes up 30% less room than Fujifilm’s standard LTO products.

Marc Van Agten concluded, “The feedback we’re getting from post houses is that they are backing up and archiving more data than ever and for efficiency, speed and cost per GB stored, LTO tape continues to be their chosen media for this process.”