PR: Fujifilm signs business deal with ACS

30 January, 2009 by IF


FUJIFILM Australia today gave details of the exclusive rebate deal it has signed with the ACS in order to help fund the society’s new clubhouse.


ACS President Ron Johanson explained, “This amazing deal was instigated by FUJIFILM’s Marc Van Agten and Marc got his inspiration from FUJIFILM USA who recently sponsored the renovation of the American Society of Cinematographers’ clubhouse.”

The ACS had been trying to raise funds for a clubhouse for some time when Van Agten approached Johanson with his proposal.

Johanson continued, “We want a clubhouse to hold our meetings in, have screenings and maybe even accommodate overseas DOPs who are shooting in Australia. When Marc came to me with his idea it seemed the perfect way to raise funds so I took it to the ACS committee who unanimously agreed and the deal was done immediately.”

Under the exclusive arrangement for every roll of FUJIFILM 35mm stock purchased by an ACS member $2.50 is donated to the clubhouse fund. If 1000ft 35mm stock is purchased this amount doubles to a $5.00 donation.

Johanson added, “As a result of our deal with FUJIFILM the ACS is now actively looking for a building that we can acquire and redevelop to suit our clubhouse needs. I cannot speak highly enough of Marc Van Agten and FUJIFILM’s incredible support of the ACS and the industry as a whole.

FUJIFILM are now the ACS’ major contributing sponsor and always ready to help with any initiatives that we develop to promote the society. FUJIFILM are a proactive organization and I truly believe it’s this approach which has lead to the increasing use of their Motion Picture Film stock. We are very much looking forward to continuing our close partnership for many years to come.”

FUJIFILM’s ETERNA stock presents a dramatic new palette for motion pictures or TV with intense colour, high contrast, exceptional sharpness and movie image quality in the studio or outdoor daylight. ETERNA’s sharpness and image quality also make it a great choice for telecine transfer and sophisticated digital effects.

FUJIFILM General Manager Recording Media/Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten said, “FUJIFILM is delighted to be able to help the ACS’ dream of having their own clubhouse come true through this exclusive deal. We have an increasing number of Australian DOPs using our ETERNA stock and this is an excellent way for us to give them something tangible back as a thank you. We are all very much looking forward to celebrating in the new ACS clubhouse in the near future.”