Screen Australia today called for submissions from industry practitioners on its Marketing, Support and Promotion, and Research and Statistics areas.

A terms of reference paper outlining all programs and activities currently undertaken by Marketing, Support and Promotion and Research and Statistics has been released to assist the consultation process.

Industry practitioners are invited to comment on individual program elements, as well as on overall direction for each area. Feedback is sought on what functions are critical or what alternative functions should be considered.

Respondents may wish to propose new ways of doing things and/or indicate which aspects have proven useful and worthy of priority, versus those that might be wound down or amended. Suggestions are of most value when they take account of proposals that are feasible for a Commonwealth government agency with a finite budget.

The terms of reference and further information regarding the review can be downloaded from www.screenaustralia.gov.au/stage2

Submissions are invited until COB Wednesday 18 February 2009.

This latest round of industry consultation is part of Screen Australia’s overall review of its programs and policies. The review of Marketing, Support and Promotion and Research and Statistics follows on from the extensive consultation in 2008 regarding Screen Australia’s Development, Production Financing and Indigenous Programs. New program guidelines for these areas took affect earlier this year.

Various support structures that service Screen Australia’s programs are also under review (including legal, corporate, IT etc). Given their operational nature, these are not part of the industry consultation. In these areas, a major objective will be to streamline organisational arrangements to ensure that moneys are spent on programs rather than administration.

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