Production delayed on ABC’s Resistance

21 December, 2011 by Amanda Diaz

Production on ABC's $14 million TV series, Resistance, has been delayed, with filming to commence in the first quarter of 2012.

The sci-fi series – a co-production with Canada's Shaftesbury Films, was expected to commence a 23-week shoot in October, and was a key part in establishing South Australia's Adelaide Studios complex.


According to South Australian Film Corporation chief executive, Richard Harris, the series – which was to consist of 26 half-hour episodes – is being cut down to an unspecified number of episodes, with the delay in production a result of story changes and  script rewrites.

The changes will see a shorter shoot than initially intended.

The ABC confirmed to IF that the production process will begin at the end of the first quarter of 2012, subject to script approval.

Resistance is the ABC's most expensive children's live action series, and follows a group of teenage resistance fighters who must protect humankind from an alien invasion.

Producer Andrew Dillon was contacted by IF, but did not respond.