Questacon buys Sony F65 4K camera solution

23 January, 2013 by IF

Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre, has purchased a Sony F65 4K digital cinematography camera solution to complement a fully functional media production and distribution system. Questacon aims to promote greater understanding and awareness of science and technology within the community through developing inspiring presentations and experiences. It is one of Canberra’s best tourist attractions and its programs tour nationally.



media release sony

In order to produce and distribute high-resolution video for remote viewing via its media centre, their requirements were very precise. The requirements called for a high-resolution, minimum 4K, camera, playback facility, training and maintenance. In addition the camera had to be compatible with Final Cut Pro, After Effects and QuickTime Pro, have HDSDI outputs and SSD memory. The playback system was required to be compatible with and play back all media recorded by the high-resolution camera and needed to operate independently of the camera. Finally, Questacon required the provision of comprehensive training and support for the initial implementation period and ongoing support and operator training post implementation.


The purchase was made through Sony Content Creation Dealer Lemac and the sale process taken care of by Lemac’s Business Development Manager Stuart Pointon who explained, "A tender was issued through AUS Tender for the supply of a 4K digital camera. It was an interesting tender as we believed the only credible camera that could be presented was the Sony F65 and as we had purchased several F65s and knew a lot about them, we decided to submit an offer."


Sony and Lemac's offer was evaluated to ensure that it complied fully with the tender. When the evaluation process was complete Questacon assessed that the proposal met their needs and as a result, purchased a Sony F65 digital camera, SR-R4 Recorder, SR-PC4 Transfer Unit and SR Memory.


Buchner added, “Once the tender had been won Sony and Lemac supplied a complete working system along with comprehensive technical knowledge and knowhow about the F65 and data handling. Post purchase we have also been proactive in ensuring Questacon’s F65 camera and systems are up to date with the latest software and hardware revisions. Questacon’s decision to equip themselves with the industry’s only true 4K solution now also offers them possibilities for even higher resolution capture via the F65’s unique 8K sensor.”


Questacon Digital Communications Officer Multimedia Production Alex Chapman said, "We chose the Sony F65 because it met our spec and offered value for money. We use the F65 to shoot content for our 4K Christie Micro Tile Wall at Questacon and also to shoot and produce very high quality material for various government departments and external stakeholders. We found their onsite training valuable as it included explanations of the different post options available for 4K and RAW such as DaVinci Resolve, Smoke and others. Since delivery Sony and Lemac have upgraded our F65 to the new version 2.0 software and provided onsite training on the new features."