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Prodigy director, Tim Bullock, in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi, wackily warns us that “Bad Things Happen Indoors” with a series of five fifteen second spots for Toyota. The simple solution offered up by the communication is to “Get Outdoors” in a RAV4. The campaign first aired on Sunday, Oct 12th.

A series of mishaps result from 5 everyday scenarios: In the first spot, we see a young man vacuuming his apartment. Suddenly the machine clogs up and when he takes a look down the tube it gets stuck to his eyeball.

The second spot features a young couple kissing passionately as they enter the bedroom, but when the woman pushes her lover on the spring loaded bed it quickly swings up trapping him inside promptly ending the fun.

The third spot sees a man relaxing in a spa when he realises he has a disgusting used band-aid stuck to his face.

The fourth instalment brings one of our greatest fears about eating out to life – a chef drops a hamburger on the floor, but rather than throw it away he just flips it onto the bun and serves it up. In the final commercial, a man fiddling around for something on a cluttered shelf in his garage when he loses his footing and pulls the shelf down on top of him.

View one of the spots here.

Client: Toyota
Product: Toyota RAV4
Title: ‘Bed,’ ‘Vacuum,’ ‘Hot Tub,’ ‘Chef,’ ‘Garage’
Production Company: PRODIGY
Director: Tim Bullock
Producer: Kate Sawyer
Executive Producer: Jonathan Samway
Editor: Adam Wills
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Steve Back
Copy Writer: Michael Barnfield, Iggy Rodriguez
Art Director: Myles Allpress, Justine Carew
Agency Producer: Julia Jackson
Group Business Director: Ben Court
Business Director: Zoie Bache
Post Post Production: FSM

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