Press Release from Free TV Australia

Free TV Australia is conducting a tri-annual review of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (the Code) and is seeking public comment.

Commercial television content is regulated under the Code which has been developed by Free TV Australia in consultation with the public and has been registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The Code covers a wide range of issues including classification of program material, accuracy and fairness in news and current affairs, time limits on non-program matter (advertisements and promotions), classification and placement of commercials and complaints-handling by the stations.

“Commercial television stations take their responsibilities under the Code very seriously and are committed to the public review process by which we ensure the Code reflects community standards”, said Free TV Australia Chief Executive Officer, Julie Flynn.

“The current Code has been widely published and is operating well”, Ms Flynn added.

The closing date for public comment to the review of the Code is 5pm 25 September 2009 and submissions may be sent to Free TV Australia by:

– Post to 44 Avenue Road, Mosman NSW 2088
– Fax to (02) 9969 3520
– Email to [email protected]

A copy of the Code and the review documents are available form the Free TV Australia website, or by writing to the above address.

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